A comparison between a streetcar named desire and the glass menagerie

Blanche and Laura are both living in a separate world from other people. Their lives run closely parallel to one another in their respective dramas which have characteristics of Southern Gothic. Essentially, neither woman can successfully come to grips with the harshness of reality, and so, they submit to their illusions.

I don t tell truth, I tell what ought to be truth.

A comparison between a streetcar named desire and the glass menagerie

Blanch is living in a world of fantasies, while Laura is living in her world with all the glass Menagerie. And later says it wasn t anything as serious as you seem to take it. Blanche in the play does not fit in with the rest of the people in the community either.

There were many similarities between the plays: The suffering and erosion of the past leave her with incapacity for the present. This is a major theme of all of these works. Did Tennessee William write the same play twice?

Amanda, like Blanche, also seeks deliverance from the present, but she does not rely on sexual promiscuity or alcohol to sustain her illusion as does Blanche. The small fatherless family now lives in the cramped apartment with only a fire escape as an Tom, works in a factory yet dreams of becoming a poet, and the daughter, Laura, is crippled and as mentally fragile as the small glass animals she collects.

As southern gothic literature, through these delusional characters, author work to point out truths of Southern culture and its moral shortcomings in new modern world.

Both Blanche and Amanda reject their present lives and retreat into their own separate worlds of illusion and lies, yet their methods of escape are dissimilar. It can be seen in the Tyrone family, too, as certain family truths are revealed which cannot be ignored any further.

She then began to fabricate things with which to fill her life and started to live alternately between a world of illusion and a world of reality.

Comparing A Streetcar Named Desire And The Glass Menagerie Term paper

Four stages form the hero journey: They are victims of a society that taught them that virtue, attractiveness, and gentility all led to happiness. Mary must accept that she remains addicted to morphine and Jamie must accept that he continues to slide towards dissipation and ruin.

I misrepresent things to them. Her promiscuity is one way of escaping her loneliness. She cannot tolerate the way husbands treat their wives in New Orleans, and she is shocked when Stella goes back with Standley after the Polka Night.

All of my gentlemen callers were sons of planters and so of course I assumed that I would be married to one and raise my family on a large piece of land with plenty of servants.

I try to give that to people. Laura lives in her world of glass animals only because of a disease that gives her a slight physical defect. Her instability is frighteningly apparent in her inability to sustain a relationship between her almost lucid moments of realism and her constant fantasizing.

Amanda lives in two worlds: Since his heroines are spurned by men due to their desires, they cannot find happiness until they throw aside the mask of the Southern belle which is solely harmful to them. Or, did the plays each hold a different meaning underneath? They are so lost in the past, whether for security or because of guilt, that their lives in the present are practically nonexistent.

She is too sensitive and shy, a very fragile being.Oct 14,  · All of Williams' significant characters are pathetic victims--of time, of their own passions, of immutable circumstance.

This assessment of Tennessee Williams' plays proves true when one looks closely at the characters of Blanche DuBois in A Streetcar Named Desire and Amanda Wingfield in The Glass Menagerie.

Their lives run closely parallel to one another in their respective dramas. A Streetcar Named Desire and The Glass Menagerie were two plays in which there was a woman who played a drastic role in life of the other characters; they were Blanche DuBois and Amanda Wingfield.

Written by the same playwright, these two main female characters featured characteristics that were /5(3). On Sunday, April a comparison between a streetcar named desire and the glass menagerie 14, at pm, Titanic struck a giant iceberg and by am on April Spongebob starting essays, i who essays you supplemental inspires what yale or do my homework at the last minute, creative writers and daydreaming freud essay.

"A Streetcar Named Desire" and "The Glass Menagerie" Comparison Essay by Jay Writtings LLC "A Streetcar Named Desire" and "The Glass Menagerie" An analysis of the theme of illusion and reality in "A Streetcar Named Desire" and "The Glass Menagerie" by Tennessee Williams.

Comparing Tennessee William’s Life and Streetcar Named Desire and Glass Menagerie Words 7 Pages Parallels in William’s Life and A Streetcar Named Desire and Glass Menagerie.

Get an answer for 'How is the theme in The Glass Menagerie similar to the theme in A Streetcar Named Desire and Long Day's Journey Into Night?' and find homework help for other The Glass Menagerie.

A comparison between a streetcar named desire and the glass menagerie
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