A discussion on mandatory voting

However, when made compulsory, voting becomes less than a right, especially when there is some penalty attached to failure to vote. Do not create submissions to soapbox your political agenda. Submissions should be inviting and pertain to the topic you want to discuss.

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Submit Yes, voting should be mandatory. Since elections cannot be determined by turnout, they are decided by swing voters and won in the center Please observe the following rules: Witnesses do not vote, while taking care to preserve neutrality and not compromise their faith.

Some consider the fining of recalcitrant voters to be more oppressive still. We ask for your patience while we work through the queue. Iraq War protests, Phone Hacking scandals, etc etc. It is not for here for you to soapbox or campaign. Citizens should not be obligated, by force of law and against their will, to participate in a electoral system.


A justification form for not voting can be filled at election centers and post offices. Billions upon billions were thrown at the banks to keep them afloat, and there was huge criticism of some of the illegal activities that were uncovered.

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In fact, it would likely increase the amount of money spent on campaigning. If there were twenty thousand other individuals who believed that their vote did not matter then that would be a substantial amount of votes that will not get submitted, 3.

Hill argues that the introduction of compulsory voting removes this dilemma. Singapore — Compulsory for citizens above 21 years old as of the date of the last electoral roll revision. True, most rights have inherent obligations. If everybody must vote, restrictions on voting are identified and steps are taken to remove them.

The impact of technology and recent social trends are indicating a growing voter preference towards pre-polling: Do not use all caps. Is mandatory voting a requirement? While there may be some benefits of mandatory voting, counteracting the amount of money in politics is not one of them. Do not personally insult other Redditors, or post racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise discriminatory content.

Compulsory voting

This principle is directly violated by compulsory voting, as people do not have the right to choose not to express their view should they have any.The ongoing debate over mandatory voting. By Ilya Somin.

Galston and Dionne suggest that mandatory voting will not exacerbate ignorance because voters’ “sense of civic duty makes them. Mandatory voting pushes ignorant to vote Some individuals resent the idea of compulsory voting, particularly if they have no interest in politics or no knowledge of the candidates.

Others may be well-informed, but have no preference for any particular candidate, and have no wish to give support to the incumbent political system. Students read about mandatory voting and discuss their opinions on it. The lesson includes vocabulary development tasks, comprehension questions, discussion questions, and a review of modals of obligation.

Requiring every American to vote in elections might be one way to solve polarization, instability, and encourage more discussion of issues like education by Congress, Would Mandatory Voting Help Or Hurt American Politics?

President Barack Obama said last week that mandatory voting might be a solution for the influence of big money in. 3 Reasons to Oppose Mandatory Voting Join the Discussion: 2 Comments.

Free weekly Acton Newsletter. While speaking in Cleveland yesterday President Obama came out in favor of making voting in elections compulsory: In Australia and some other countries, there’s mandatory voting. It would be transformative if everybody voted — that would.

If voting were to be mandatory, the main problem would be that it means that we are no longer in a free and democratic society. This would be one of the first steps on a long slippery slope towards a dictatorship.

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A discussion on mandatory voting
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