A list of physical notions

Hiking a 14er is hard; racing a 14er is nothing short of crazy.

I figure if I give myself 10 years I have a decent chance of knocking out all of these. Part of the list has always dealt with physical challenges, and while I had some free time today, I started researching a list of extreme phsyical challenges that could be completed in the United States.

While in Colorado I heard all about the 14ers, which is any mountain peak that breaks 14, feet. I can remember seeing the highlights on the news, as the racers ran with their canoes into the river near the startline A 40km bike ride never seemed too unmanageable, and a 10km 6.

The Trail takes months to complete straight through, making it more popular with recent college grads than with other age segments. The male winner of the ascent-only is typically around 2 hours, which is insane, averaging miles of 9: Obviously this appeals to my feelings against longer running distances.

McKinley comes to mind as I type thisas well as certain categories. This year 2, people completed the race; 1, of them did the ascent only, while just over completed the roundtrip.

I would LOVE comments if you have other ideas or suggestions, or thoughts regarding the list. The reason for the relatively low number? Hundreds of thousands if not in the million range It is the longest continual canoe race in the US, at miles, and the winning team normally comes in just over 14 hours; they start in the evening, race through the night, and end midday of the next day.

I grew up with the excitement of the Iceman all around me, but never realized the full magnitude of the race; it is the largest single-day mountain bike race in the US. This would certainly take some intense and different training, but would be so fun and gratifying to complete.

Doing it in one day would be a significant physical challenge, while doing it in 2 days 6mile hike to camp, sleep, 10mile hike to summit and back, 6 mile to car would be manageable with minimal training - 1 day it is!

About people complete the trail each year, making it somewhat of an elite group. Thanks for reading especially if you made it all the way through, kudos! Often racing in foul weather, the race is not for the weak of heart or body.‘Though the concept of beauty is timeless, notions of what constitutes the perfect physical form have changed over time.’ ‘In the beginning, an ordinary person absorbs ideas and notions about different things from the surroundings and environment in which he lives.’.

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A list of physical notions
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