After the first draft writing a novel

And the twist at the end: How can you carry on when you know those pages need to be rewritten? Those were the best three days of my life. Note their word choices and use of literary devices like metaphors and similes, personification.

For more on the actual writing process, as well as what to do once you have the book written, check out the following articles: You need to identify why. Oh—but is it really? When it comes to thoughts of revising, they may find their motivation lacking.

Just as you may have sat down to your initial draft many times when you did not feel inspired, you must do the same with your subsequent drafts. Does tension decrease over time in my story rather than amping up as it approaches the climactic sequence?

When I began drafting my debut novel, A Violet SeasonI needed to know that violets were grown in the After the first draft writing a novel Valley beginning in the early s, and that wet nurses had become somewhat obsolete by the turn of the century, when infant formula was invented.

I understood the technical stuff—fix the typos and the broken sentences, polish a paragraph here, tweak a transition there, sure—but what about the rest?

10 Things to Do Before Editing Your First Draft

Support from others who understand what you are going through is invaluable. Read simply to reacquaint yourself with your work, and try your best not to throw your manuscript out the window. How many times have we completed a paragraph or a chapter even and swore that even Steven King would be jealous?

Even when they speak in interviews, they might seem to always have the best-formed phrase ready. Reading dialogue out loud will help you hear better whether your use of it is natural or not, but you can leave this for later drafts.

First and last sentences: Be ready for the criticism to come and decide ahead of time to apply it. As is often the case with exercise, half the battle is just getting out there.

Break them down into the smallest manageable steps that you can. There was a clear end to the summers sadlyand to my drafts.

Set it for a small amount of time such as 15 or 20 minutes, and tell yourself that you can stop after the timer goes off.

Other times it takes weeks, with plenty of re-reading of e-mails as I wonder why people have disliked a character, or felt uninvolved in a subplot, or liked one thing in particular. To use a metaphor: Save your cynicism and self-doubt for later. Like one of my favorite episodes with William Shatner who sees the monster on the airplane wing 30, feet in the air.

Hemingway rewrote the last page of A Farewell to Arms 37 times. Soon, I will start writing the next book. But by using your characters to develop the plot, you give readers a reason to invest in your story and keep turning pages.

To revise effectively, you need to put a little distance between you and your story. Does she look beautiful? I want to compare it to all the other feedback, and sift through for similarities and disparities. Or did Cousin Burt save the day with his magic toilet brush just in the nick of time?

At this stage, you simply need to focus on moving forward rather than looking back.

5 Tips on Writing First Drafts

Or will you leave too much to their imagination? It is wise to always remember the writing advice of the prolific writer Jodi Picoult: Think about the end point of your novel.Writing A Book: What Happens After The First Draft? The first draft of a book is only the first step. Here's what the editing and rewriting process looks like, so you.

After the FIRST DRAFT 30 Fast, Easy Writing Tips for the Second Draft © Darcy Pattison Licensed under Creative Commons License, If you're reading this, it's probably because you've finished a first draft of a novel.

How to keep motivated after the first draft

So many begin; so few finish! You've done an astounding, amazing wonderful thing to have finished a first draft. You. 6 Things to Consider After You Write Your First Draft. By: Guest Column | February 25, Here are 7 reasons writing a novel makes you awesome.

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Yesterday, I finished the first draft of my first 1 novel. It came out at just over 90, words, which was the target I had in mind. It was a strange and emotional experience.

After typing the last word, I felt like I’d been suddenly dumped out of that fictional world and back into this one, with. Make an outline. Think of your first draft as the clay, not the sculpture. Every time you think about how pedestrian and clumsy and downright awful your first draft is, remind yourself that no one else has to read it.

After the First Draft

Don't let a lack of research slow you down. Set a deadline.A Violet Season was written over four summers-each summer, another draft.

After the first draft writing a novel
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