An analysis of john masefields poem sea fever

Some critics judged Masefield to be an even finer writer of prose than of verse. The couple had two children Judith, born inand Lewis, in His poems and novels started to get published.

Summary of “Sea Fever” by John Masefield

Due to the success of his wartime writings, Masefield met with the head of British Military Intelligence in France and was asked to write an account of the Battle of the Somme. His father died soon after following a mental breakdown.

During this tour, he matured as a public speaker and realised his ability to touch the emotions of his audience with his style of speaking, learning to speak publicly with his own heart, rather than from dry scripted speeches.

In Masefield returned to America on his second lecture tour, spending much of his time speaking and lecturing to American soldiers waiting to be sent to Europe. Equally important, the dynamic imagery is seen practically on each line throughout the poem. First, a theme of longing for freedom and an adventurous ocean is developed.

However, inafter he broke with the competitive element, Oxford Recitations came to an end. On his appointment The Times newspaper said of him: When he returned to England, he submitted a report to the British Foreign Officeand suggested that he should be allowed to write a book about the failure of the allied efforts in the Dardanelleswhich possibly could be used in the United States to counter what he thought was German propaganda there.

Watching from the shore fills his heart with the adventure and spirit. He expresses his desire for the need of a well built ship to sail and a star in the dark sky to act as a guide. Masefield was similarly a founding member in Scotland, inof the Scottish Association for the Speaking of Verse.

He continued to read, and felt that he was to become a writer and story teller himself. Lines one and two contain the common iambic meter found throughout the poem. The speaker is implying that life is a long sea journey and is requesting a peaceful afterlife.

While Reynard is the best known of these, all met with acclaim. He continued his duties as Poet Laureate; In Glad Thanksgiving, his last book, was published when he was 88 years old. While being aboard is when he realized that his passion should be bought out and he should be a writer by himself.

Or is it, as with us, unresting strife, And each consent a lucky gasp for life? The Scottish Association for the Speaking of Verse, on the other hand, continued to develop through the influence of associated figures such as Marion Angus and Hugh MacDiarmid and exists today as the Poetry Association of Scotland.

InFolkways Records released an album of his poetry, including some read by Masefield himself. Educated in classics and English Literatureand a mathematics teacher, Constance was a good match despite the difference in age.

Poems composed in his official capacity were sent to The Times. Although their primary purpose was to lecture on English Literature, he also intended to collect information on the mood and views of Americans regarding the war in Europe. He wishes that there would be strong winds that would blow away the thick white clouds in the sky and take the sail forward throughout the day.

Since then poetry has been the one deep influence in my life, and to my love of poetry I owe all my friends, and the position I now hold. Masefield uses personification and similes to add vivid details of the wind, ship and sea. Of these, "Trade Winds" was particularly popular in its day, [16] despite the tongue-twisting challenges the text presents to the singer.

John Masefield’s “Sea Fever”: Analysis

InMasefield returned to sea on a windjammer destined for New York City. Through the use of figures of speech such as personification, simile and metaphor, the poem is enhanced by further development of the theme and the imagery. On reaching Chile, Masefield suffered from sunstroke and was hospitalised.

Additionally, his speaking engagements were calling him further away, often on much longer tours, yet he still produced significant amounts of work in a wide variety of genres. He eventually returned home to England as a passenger aboard a steam ship.

During his tenure as a sailor, he had to face many sea sicknesses and finally in the yearwhen his ship boarded New York City, he deserted the ship and walked out to be writer. He continued to meet with success, the edition of Collected Poems selling approximately 80, copies.

This hunger for life is also seen through references to the freedom of a sea gull and a whale in line ten. In the poem, Sea Fever, Masefield expresses his desire for sailing once again in the quite sea, under the quiet sky.By John Masefield.

I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky, More About This Poem Sea Fever By John Masefield About this Poet British poet John Edward Masefield was born in Herefordshire.

He studied at King’s School in Warwick before training as a merchant seaman. John Masefield, was only 22 years old when he wrote the simple yet moving lines in his poem 'Sea Fever'.

He was born inin, England. Young Masefield wanted to be a merchant marine officer and at 13 he spent two and a half years on the school ship and afterwards was apprenticed aboard a sailing ship, bound for Chile. An Analysis of the Structure of the Poem Sea Fever by John Masefield PAGES 1.

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Not. John Masefield's 'Sea-Fever' describes the poet's love for the sea and desire to live the life of a sailor. Here is a complete analysis of the poem. Comments & analysis: I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky, / And all I ask is a tall.

Summary of “Sea Fever” by John Masefield. Article shared by. Being a sailor, he enjoyed the loneliness and quiet environment of the sea. In the poem, Sea Fever, Masefield expresses his desire for sailing once again in the quite sea, under the quiet sky.

He expresses his desire for the need of a well built ship to sail and a star in the.

An analysis of john masefields poem sea fever
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