Army helicopter pilot

Reid calls her husband around 6: Service Obligations A candidate who fulfills the regulations for acceptance into aviation school and is admitted must serve at least five years in active duty after completing the course or voluntarily dropping it.

Helicopter armament and tactics were changed to account for a less-permissive flight environment. Ozark Classroom to cockpit: Considerations Helicopter pilots must fly in stressful, combat situations.

Steps To Determine Eligibility For The Warrant Officer Program

This is another standardized test covering areas such as instrument comprehension, helicopter knowledge and mechanical functions. Establishing these forward arming and refuel points FARP at pre-arranged locations and times allowed armed or attack helicopters to re-arm and refuel, often with their engines running and the rotors still turning, and to quickly return to Army helicopter pilot front lines.

Once contact had been established against enemy Army helicopter pilot paratroopers would be dropped by a Dakota and act as "beaters" to drive the guerillas into stop groups landed by the helicopters. The Army provides a study guide and practice test.

Acceptance into aviation school for helicopter flight training is open to lieutenants, captains and warrant officers who meet age, health, experience and aptitude requirements. After completing night flying check-rides, many weeks later, students graduate.

Read More Helicopter Overwater Survival Training Helicopter Overwater Survival Training prepares aircrew member and their passengers to successfully exit an aircraft in an overwater ditching emergency in both day and night conditions.

Army warrant officer professional and leader development matters; and execute duties as the U. Eventually, after extensive testing and time in simulators, student pilots begin flying again. Reid believes that other students would need a schedule similar to hers to stay on top of their responsibilities.

Acceptance to an aviation program is very competitive and applicants must meet physical requirements, score well on aptitude testing and complete extensive training before becoming helicopter pilots.

After a quick shower and a yogurt cup, Reid heads to Ford Hall for morning lecture at 7 a. Emplaced insurgents and local sympathisers may observe such facilities covertly and gather intelligence on the schedules and routes of patrols and convoys.

Vision, hearing, pulse, blood-pressure and laboratory tests are also required.

army helicopter pilot

Patrols need not start and end in the same place the main entrance of the local compoundnor do supply convoys need follow the same roads and highways. This is part of a continuing series looking at different jobs and the people who get them done at Fort Rucker.

In addition, you must score at least a 90 on the Flight Aptitude Selection Test. The scout helicopter, flying at low level in a nap-of-the-earth approach, attempts to both locate the enemy armoured columns and to map out approaches and ambush positions for the attack helicopters.

Classroom to cockpit: Day in the life of a student helicopter pilot

The exclusivity of flying, and wanting to be a part of the mission that brings troops to the fight as well as supporting the fight itself, is what attracted Reid to getting her boots off the ground.

Martin By Sara E. The government forces seek to deter the insurgent forces from operating, and to capture or kill those that do.

Age and Health Candidates for flight training can be no younger than 18 and no older than 32 when they begin their training. Aptitude Test A candidate for Army aviation school must score 90 or higher out of a possible on the Flight Aptitude Selection Test.

You will then attend the six-week Warrant Officer Candidate School, where you participate in physical training, combat drills and develop leadership skills.

They learn to fly these helicopters in Army aviation school, where each aspiring pilot is taught to specialize in flying a particular type.

The Army usually selects what airframe the students will be flying and they begin taking classes that focus on that airframe, as well as going to the airfield and working with the helicopter on the ground.Buy US Army Helicopter Pilot Vietnam Veteran Window Strip Decal Sticker 8": Bumper Stickers, Decals & Magnets - FREE 5/5(4).

Army Requirements to Enter Helicopter Flight Training

A military helicopter is a helicopter that is either specifically built or converted for use by military forces. A military helicopter's mission is a function of its design or conversion. which pioneered the now classic format of pilot and weapons officer seated in tandem in a narrow fuselage.

Student Information Advanced Individual Training. The 1st Battalion, 13th Aviation Regiment manages new recruits that have come to Fort Rucker to receive their military occupational specialty identifier before reporting to their first duty station. Jan 16,  · Classroom to cockpit: Day in the life of a student helicopter pilot.

Second Lt.

Student Information

Dorothy Marie Reid, D Company, 1st Battalion, th Aviation Regiment, stands in front of a UH Black Hawk Jan. 13 at Lowe Army Heliport. Apr 27,  · Army helicopter pilots fly Kiowa, Black Hawk, Apache and Chinook combat helicopters. They learn to fly these helicopters in Army aviation school, where each aspiring pilot is taught to specialize in flying a particular type.

Acceptance into aviation school for helicopter flight training is open to. Flying aircraft is a coveted career in the United States armed services, and the process to become a military pilot is a competitive one.

Army helicopter pilot
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