Battle of britain during the second world war history essay

He had to strike at Russia when he did before she was ready to strike at him. There are however, many historians who share the opinion that the Battle of Britain was not actually a turning point as such, since although the RAF stopped Germany controlling the skies, the British navy would have been able to stop any invasion force coming in from the channel, which is precisely where Hitler planned on attacking through.

That is why the Battle of Britain was a turning point in World War 2, however not the only reason Germany was defeated.

Battle of Britain

This time was key, however, for Britain, since it allowed them to complete their rearmament, and prepare exponentially for the inevitable fighting which would occur in the future. The German Air Force consisted of 3, long range bombing planes against only planes made up of Americans, the British and Free France.

The battle of France was short-lived, from may 10 - June 22 This factor, together with the early warning capability provided by newly developed RADAR technology, meant the risk of casualties involving civilians was further reduced.

Battle Of Britain In WWII History Essay

The bombing of London caused much destruction to the area. The victory in France was highly decisive for the Nazis, because it gave them a point from which an invasion of Britain could be executed. This German defeat resulted in Hitler to order, two days later, the postponement of preparations for the invasion of Britain.

Herman Goering leader of the German Luftwaffe informed Hitler that the British would have been swept aside by the German air force, then when the invasion attempt failed, Hitler reconsidered the possibility of being able to mount a full invasion on Britain.

The Germans lacked the trained pilots, the effective fighter planes, and the heavy bombers that would have been needed. The clashes that took place surrounded German bombing raids on important British military bases, airfields of the RAF being the key target. The RAF stopped the Luftwaffe from totally disabling the defenses on the airfields, by shooting down large numbers of bombers on numerous occasions.

The British government knew this was a credible threat, and before Germany had completed their conquering of France, Britain acted to support French resistance against the Germans. Londoners sought safety in subway tunnels during the nightly raids. Air raids known as the Blitz took place nearly every night through the fall and winter.

Most importantly, the British sent bombers to Berlin after German pilots bombed London, which hurt the morale of Germans. They were limited to the south coast and regions just above the coastline. Hitler knew he had to dispatch the British air superiority if Germany were to have any chance of invading the island.

Although Germany had a clear advantage in terms of numbers at this moment, there were a number of factors which could be seen as giving Britain the upper hand. Germany exploited the flaw in this defense plan by invading in a similar fashion as they did in world war 1, by marching through Belgium which remained neutral during the conflict and subsequently into France via the Franco-Belgian border.

The short range of the German Luftwaffe as briefly mentioned previously, prohibited the German planes from supplementing the Bombers with help during major bombing raids.BATTLE OF BRITAIN Insert name Course/Class Date Battle of Britain The Second World War remains the most destructive conflict in modern history owing to the tens of millions of lives and thousands of structures that were destroyed during the military campaigns.

The Importance of the Battle of Britain In World War Two In this essay I will explain why I think The Battle of Britain was the most important turning point in World War Two. The Battle of Stalingrad was one of the major turning points during World War Two, and was one of the biggest mistakes that Hitler made during his blitzkrieg plan.

The takeover of Stalingrad was all part of plan Barbarossa, which was the strategy employed to take over Moscow, which was the Soviet Union's capital.

World War II - The Battle of Britain. Essay The Battle of Britain - The Battle of Britain Many battles took place leading to the fall of Nazi Germany during WWII.

Aug 31,  · Find out more about the history of Battle of Britain, including videos, interesting articles, pictures, historical features and more. of World War II, the Battle of Britain ended when Germany.

For my Extended Project, I have undertaken a dissertation about which battle was more important to Britain during the Second World War: .

Battle of britain during the second world war history essay
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