College boy gift ideas

Find on Amazon Link directly to this item Find on Amazon Link directly to this item 7. The lights sync to the speed of your bike to always be pointed forward and backward.

Find on Amazon Link directly to this item 5. Table Tennis Door No room for a ping pong table? Well this list of 30 unique gifts for college students will certainly help you on you endeavor, with gifts that will assist them in their drinking habits, biking around campus, or just making a quick and cheap bite to eat before class.

Instant Air Hockey Game Sometimes you just need something to pass the time until your hangover passes and you can start drinking again. Link directly to this item 9. Bill Murray Shower Curtain What would a college house be without some sort of Bill Murray item in it, and what better item than your shower which everyone shares.

Beer Pong Ball Cleaner Stop getting the black plague every time you play beer pong in a dirty house. And what better place to hide some booze than right at your fingertips. Link directly to this item 2. Find on Amazon Link directly to this item 8. This Christmas sweater uses your phone to create a moving and animated fireplace right on your sweater.

21 Genius Gifts College Students Will Absolutely Love

Lights For Your Bicycle Tires These lights attach to your bike tires to give you a headlight in front of you and a rear red light behind you. Now if only there was an easier way to haul around a 30 case of beer on your bike.

17 great holiday gifts for college students

This door flips down and turns into a ping pong table for you to play ping pong, beer pong, flip-cup, or whatever other drinking games college kids are into now-a-days. But what would you get them besides a fresh case of Coors Light and a box of condoms?

Link directly to this item 3. The coffee mug telescopes out to become a massive three foot bong, for smoking… tobacco of course This Telescoping Coffee Mug Turns Into A Bong This telescoping coffee mug takes two very necessary items every college student needs and combines them into one product.

Find on Amazon Link directly to this item 4. Granted it probably defeats the whole purpose of carrying around a flask in the first place. This Twinkie oven lets you make your own Twinkies right at home. Hidden Tampon Flask These flasks are made to look like tampons which you could easily sneak in to pretty much anywhere because no bouncer is going to touch your tampons.

Link directly to this item 6. This giant connect 4 game is a perfect addition to said life. Shower Beer Koozie Every college student will at one point or another, drink a beer in the shower.

Titanium Bottle Opener Sunglasses Never be without a bottle opener while out in the sun again. Link directly to this item Not to worry though, we put together the perfect gift guide for college kids. Whether they’re redecorating their dorm, on the hunt for the perfect mini fridge, or throwing.

We have very good gifts for guys who have typical man hobbies and styles. Check out our man cave decor, cool grilling tools, and bar accessories. For the stylin' man, browse our sleek accessories. Aug 08,  · Looking for Gift Guides? See Women-Made Presents We Love, 17 Gifts That Give Back to Help Make Sense of This Year, and Gifts At Work?

An Expert Weighs In. Christmas Gifts For Young Men Send them back to school with a bounty after the holidays with our great selection of Christmas gifts for college guys. Jazz up their style with sleek accessories and apparel, wall prints for the dorm, and personalized luggage or sports bags.

Christmas Gifts Ideas for Teenage and College Boys Ideas for the teen and college boys you'll be shopping for this year.

College boy gift ideas
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