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Both the Roman and Han Empires experienced social unrest during their collapse. The Jin also attempted to farm unsettled land by moving large numbers of "Wu Hu" Chinese: The Chinese used their military to stop these revolts but soon needed more soldiers.

Nomads attacked the outskirts of the large territories creating small settlements. Merchants were also a class, but they were subject to controls by the state and often forced to partner with the state, who also took monopolies in salt, steel and wine, further restricting merchants.

The influence of Roman law would long outlast the empire. Public entertainment centers stresses the importance public citizens had in Roman life. On the other hand, the Romans did not struggle with revolts but instead religion.

Many Christians refused to serve in the military although this would change when Constantine legalized the religion during the Edict of Milan. This deficit is only explicable with reference to academic specialization and language barriers". The emperors were careful to present themselves as just rulers who governed from the consent of the citizenry, though tyrants such as Caracalla and Nero inflicted misery throughout the empire.

Religion The religion in ancient Rome was much more extensive than the Han religion. Bronze galloping horse stepping on top of a flying swallow Chinese: The Emperor Wu was astonished at the quality of the pork, and he asked the official how the pork was made so good. Women in poorer families did not have such luxury and often worked in the fields with their husbands or acted as entertainers.

These include repairs and renovation work on the Dujiangyan Irrigation System of Sichuan and Zhengguo Canal of Shaanxiboth of which were built by the previous State of Qin. Birth was an important indicator of social position. They created laws banning Christianity with the consequence being the cruel punishments or death.

The Roman and Han empires equally strived economically in trade. A Revision of the Estimates", Rivista di storia economica, Vol. When the Jin collapsed into civil war, the barbarians rose up in revolt. The majority of the research in the subject area has concentrated on looking at the intellectual and philosophical history of each society.

They draw on analytical and illustrative comparisons. They could not be subject to cruel punishments. These policies, together with the social unrest caused by the extravagance of the Jin officials and the infighting of the Jin royal family, soon lead to the collapse of the Jin. The Roman peasantry and slaves, taxed heavily by the aristocrats, also grew disgruntled.

The Renaissance a thousand years later marked the conscious return to the classical heritage. In Han china, poetry, stories and books were very common; the elite was expected to be versed in prose and poetry.

For wealthy families, life was good; they displayed their wealth in lavish meals, and lived in large homes in which women lived in the inner quarters. However, the position was dangerous; out of 22 emperors between Augustus and the third century, 15 died by murder or suicide. In trials, the Roman elite was better privileged; they received preferential treatment from imperial courts.

As a final stitch effort, the emperor declared himself supreme god.

Compare and Contrast Essay on the Fall of the Roman and Han Empires

The Han government forced many farmers and others to fight, generating a larger group of angry citizens and producing reluctant warriors. The Cambridge Illustrated History of China. These Germanic tribes were superior in military technology and threatened Roman forces.

Less trade reduced the amount of taxes going back to the government. To express their thoughts, Han scholars preferred the written medium; many books were written in that era. The basis of this society were free peasants, who formed the base of the tax revenues of the state and who produced most of the agricultural crop.

Edited by Nancy S. The Colosseum was a state-of-the-art entertainment facility, used most infamously for gladiatorial games in which well-trained men fought, sometimes to the death, for the enjoyment of huge crowds of Roman citizens.

While the elite could enjoy a relatively wealthy life and could expect to become officials and hold high positions, lower classes could not expect such luxury. Therefore, punishments for the same crimes were the same in writing, though this was not always carried out.

Comparison between Roman and Han Empires

In the wars that followed, the Han empire was divided into three contending states It was not until the 4th century that China was reunified under the Jin dynasty Chinese: None, however, offers so close a parallel with Han China as the Roman empire".

Needless to say all plans failed and Christianity continued to spread further fracturing the once powerful empire.Roman Empire and Han Dynasty A Short Comparison AP World History. Rome Han Comparison 1. Roman Empire and Han Dynasty A Short Comparison AP World History Compare contrast essay final Donna Layne.

The social and classes discrimination of the ancient Civilization Hanan Wafy. Rome Vs. China. Comparisons between the Roman and Han empires are the comparative study of the Roman Empire and the Han dynasty of early imperial China.

At their peaks, both states controlled a large portion of the world population and produced political and cultural legacies that endure to the modern era; comparative studies largely focus on their. The Han Dynasty Roman Empire The Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty of China had many similarities and differences.

Many of these similarities and differences were political, social, and economical. Some of the similarities included the resemblances of political figures, the role of women, and the parallels in each empire’s trade. Roman Empire and Han Dynasty A Short Comparison AP World History Rome Han Comparison 1.

Roman Empire and Han Dynasty A Short Comparison AP World History 2. Roman Empire Compare contrast essay final Donna Layne. AP WH Chapter 3. Compare and Contrast Essay on the Fall of the Roman and Han Empires Fall of Roman and Han Empires The Roman and Han Empires were among the greatest empires in the history of the World.

Transcript of Compare the Fall of the Roman Empire and Han Dynasty I will compare and contrast the civilization characteristics (PERSIA) that lead to the fall of the Roman and Han Empires by completing a Venn Diagram.

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Compare and contrast han and roman
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