Conclusion to problems of working women

Most of our women are illiterate. We generally exclude the illiterate women involved in different types of jobs. Our online Notes on. Even today, motherhood is still considered to be the primary role for women. In the last decade, companies have turned their attention to some of these issues.

Essay on Home and the Working Woman

If all these factors are taken into consideration, the transition to working mom will be that much easier for the entire family and the child will not suffer. Many women desire a career and a place in this world. This attitude as hers, brings in its trail her continuous loss of interest in the family and her top priority being, enhancing her career prospects.

In order for both partners to be happy and feel fulfilled, there needs to Conclusion to problems of working women a Conclusion to problems of working women definition of roles with in the family unit. The painful thing is that all such qualified women do not take up professions in practical.

She just does the minimum to keep the family going, with no interest in making any improvements in the home. They are simply a fact of life, a by product of the world in which we live. Direct discrimination may include a women being discharged from her employment because she is pregnant, or being excluded from after work group events.

When the woman is out of the home for the whole day, who will look after guests. Sexual discrimination forces women into lower paying jobs, and sexual harassment helps keep them there.

Most of the male counterpart treat the woman an easy scope goat for fulfilling their sexual desires. The men consider the household work as sole responsibility of the women.

The incidents of one sider sexual advancement by the boss, staring at her body parts, alluring her with quick promotion in return, are generally to be faced by a working woman.

It is a pity to see the participation of half of our population to only a few fields. On the one hand it is true that, the working woman adds to the family income, improves the standard of the family as far as the income of the family is concerned.

Employment protects women against certain negative aspects of being full-time homemakers and mothers, such as monotonous housework, dependence on the male partner for financial and emotional support, increases self-esteem because they are contributing to the world they live in. They feel comfortable in these fields and their domestic responsibilities do not get disturbed.

All these problems have risen due to the simple fact of woman working out of the home, shoulder to shoulder with the man. When one thinks of the subject of working mothers, many differing opinions come to mind.

The woman has her own personality, more confident, financially independent, accepting any kind of challenge, can no longer remain under the illogical dominance of man, but at the same time she suffers a lot mentally and physically divided between home and office. Women need to overcome the image that they are sensitive People, which let their emotions control their mind.

In spite of numerous problems, women are receiving education in almost all the disciplines. A special format of employment should be introduced on the Western models.

There should be community centres at the places of work where the programmes of adult education should also be launched. It has become irrelevant to talk that traditional role played by the women, was a better course. When we accomplish that then we can finally achieve gender equality in the workplace.

The constant backlash from the public makes these mothers feel so guilty that some may even quit just to alleviate the stress.

Her pathetic position, working at home as well as at office, is not admired, even by her husband or mother-in-law or father-in-law. They are always low-paid and are brutally exploited by our society. They become selfish, careless children as, they see none of the delicate emotions being showered upon them, so, how and from where will they learn these finer emotions of life.

Once the woman is working outside the home, the home automatically gets neglected.Essay on Home and the Working Woman.

Essay: Working Women and Family Life

it is here that this class of working women has given birth to a huge number of problems in the family, and society. This has created problems that were unheard of ever before in India. When the woman is out of the home for the whole day, who will look after guests.

So, with women working outside the. SUMMARY, SUGGETIONS AND CONCLUSION Women have become aware of their existence their rights and their work situation.

However, women of the middle class are not too eager to alter their role in fear of social backlash. The progress is more health problems, lack of confidence in handling managerial task i.e. financial, technical.

Home Essays problems by working women. problems by working women. Topics: Workplace bullying, Working women in India are faced with lot more challenges than their counterparts in the other parts of the world. In India men do not share on.

The major issues and problems that women face in their work places includes unequal pay, security, sexual harassment, lack of proper family support, deficient maternity leave, etc. Problems Faced by Women at Workplace Sexual Harassment It is a major issue that women face at their workplace and many women fall victim of sexual harassment at workplace.

Women have started sleeping lesser than before because only when they wake up early they can cook for the family, get themselves ready for the job, get their children ready for the schools, so on an average, women lost 2 hours of sleep per day and up to 14 hours sleep per week.

problems faced by working women in india: 1. Mental harassment: It is an age old convention that women are less capable and inefficient in working as compared to men. The attitude which considers women unfit for certain jobs holds back women.

Conclusion to problems of working women
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