Delegation in management

Keeping Control Now, once you have worked through the above steps, make sure you brief your team member appropriately. When you arrange the workload so that you are working on the tasks that have the highest priority for you, and other people are working on meaningful and challenging assignments, you have a recipe for success.

For other uses, see Delegation disambiguation. The delegation process becomes faster and more fluid the more you do it. Is this a task that I should delegate?

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How independent is the person? Is there someone else who has or can be given the necessary information or expertise to complete the task? You also need to consider to whom you will delegate the task and how you will do it. Managers often end up completing tasks they had delegated to others, because those tasks somehow end up back on their plate.

Accountability is key to the process of delegation: Is an "adequate" result good enough? The opposite of effective delegation is micromanagementwhere a manager provides too much input, direction, and review of delegated work.

Successful Delegation

When to Delegate Delegation is a win-win when done appropriately, however, that does not mean that you can delegate just anything. In thoroughly considering these key points prior to and during the delegation process you will find that you delegate more successfully.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

The Who and How of Delegating Having decided to delegate a task there are some other factors to consider as well. Only once this formula is mastered is it fair to evaluate whether you really have the right people for the job. Getting outstanding results from delegating demands following a formula.

This facilitates success and trust.This is a common failure in delegation discussions. It is very important for managers to confirm that those to whom they’ve delegated responsibility have understood what they need to know; ask. Delegation is the assignment of any responsibility or authority to another person (normally from a manager to a subordinate) to carry out specific activities.

It is one of the core concepts of management mi-centre.comr, the person who delegated the work remains accountable for the outcome of the delegated work. Delegation allows you to make the best use of your time and skills, and it helps other people in the team grow and develop to reach their full potential in the organization.

When to Delegate Delegation is a win-win when done appropriately, however, that does not mean that you can delegate just anything.


Delegation is an important feature of effective management. Delegation occurs when a superior within a hierarchy confers authority onto a.

Delegation in management
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