Don t you think it time to start thinking northrop frye

This essay, in my perspective, is somewhat of a rant. This can create a sense of shame in those who can express themselves well and can encourage people particularly young people to use rather cliched or stereotyped language so they will be less conspicuous.

I find that our society does not often appreciate the thoughts of those who are able to articulate their ideas either. He says that a student should be taught on how to think and how to put it in words. I completely agree with this and most people, including myself, are indulged in this new method of speaking and writing.

I also feel that there is an entertainment perspective in the essay, especially in paragraph 12 where Frye tries to bring in some humor to the topic. This means it is interested on our learning to read and think enough that we can follow signs and fill out forms; in all other ways, society would prefer that people are not particularly articulate which is an indication of intelligence, he says.

Being articulate is a sign of individuality, something that is not always appreciated or even desired in a culture. He also points out that the key to successful thinking lies in incorporating the thoughts into proper words.

Frye believes that in order to come up with the good idea in the first place, we need the ability to articulate it beforehand. He takes this a step further. But every point is plausible and backed up thoroughly. They must engage in a fight to help the student confront and reject the verbal formulas and stock responses, to accept passive acceptance into active, constructive power.

The essay highlights the importance of verbal skills in critical thinking. It makes the reader wonder whatever he has been thinking is any thinking at all.

If language becomes meaningless or at least seems meaninglessit also becomes powerless. It also somewhat generalizes society as a whole, audience-wise, because the majority of people can read, write, and speak. Our society, and possibly the media as well just wants everyone to go with the flow and blend in.

People need to form their thoughts into coherent, understandable sentences. Frye is correct in saying that those people become targets. I believe that the society, instead of creating highly determined individuals, forces people to be pliable so that they will get adapted to the pre-set rules and regulations.

For a child to imbibe these skills, is a herculean task. This is something that needs to be overcome to better our society.

He is addressing students by telling them that the power of their ideas lies in the articulation.

Don’t you think it’s time to start thinking?

He adds that if we simply learn the basics of language but do not attempt to learn how and why words work in social situations, we merely learn to read and write in order to become puppets: Most students need to be taught, very carefully and patiently, that there is no such thing as an inarticulate idea waiting to have the right words wrapped around it.

Not only is he saying that people need to be able to think critically but they need to be able to articulate their thoughts. We can only add one more idea to the body of something we have already thought about. Frye adds that it has been deemed uncool, as an adolescent, to speak articulately.

Too often young people are afraid to really think--or too content lazy not to think any more than is necessary. He believes that the only reason our society values literacy is because the masses are literate and it is needed in life to be able to have general understanding of what is going on around us.

Yet, in spite of his limited verbal skills, he firmly believes that he can think, that he has ideas, and that if he is just given the opportunity to express them he will be right. It basically says that people, articulate or not, now speak in slang and catch phrases in order to fit in and maintain the structure of social acceptance, rather than being articulate, and an intellect to the best of their ability.

His assertion is twofold. Most students need to be taught, very carefully and patiently, that there is no such thing as an inarticulate idea waiting to have the right words wrapped around it. Much as to what many people do today through slang and catch phrases. First, society has begun to accept anything someone happens to think or speak about as true "thinking.

Frye, is the narrator and he is constantly pushing the envelope on his view of how society has changed from an intellectual standpoint. He is also addressing teachers, stressing that they must inspire their students to want to be able to articulate their thoughts clearly.

For Frye, thinking intelligently requires a strong grasp of how language works, what it can do, and how it is used for good and bad in social situations, in the media, and so on. The prejudices and cliches which are put up as pretence of thinking conceal the meaning rather than reveal it.

Instead of copying the entire essay, I copied only the first few paragraphs. I believe that he is trying to get people to stop hiding in the masses by not thinking critically. His solution is to put more focus and effort in educating students to think critically precisely by teaching them to speak and write critically.Don’t you think It’s time to start thinking?

”, Northrop Frye takes on a powerful yet imposing tone wherein he makes it a fact rather than a perspective that a person’s ideas and thoughts don’t exist unless expressed using proper words.

The title itself questions one’s thinking mechanism. It makes the reader wonder whatever he [ ]. Feb 08,  · Response:Do You Think It’s Time To Start Thinking?, by Northrop Frye February 8, at PM (Critical Responses) This essay written by Northrop Frye, is very articulate and concise.

Nov 16,  · I am begining to think that there is no thesis in the following extract from Northrop Frye's "Don't You Think It's Time to Start Thinking?" Am I.

Don't You Think It's Time To Start Thinking

Blog # 7 Dont you think its time to start thinking - by Northrop Frye mark_wiebe I believe that we are lazy thinkers, but I don't think we are to much lazier than our ancestors. The perception of modern times has always been that each new set of minds is somehow degenerative.

In the early 's authors predicted the end of society in a. Get an answer for 'In Northrop Frye's text "Don't You Think it's Time to Start Thinking" he makes a link between language and thinking. Can anyone please explain the link Northrop Frye uses?

' and. Don't You Think It's Time to Start Thinking? Northrop Frye Conclusion QUESTIONS? CONT. Teachers play a role in changing the views Thinking is viewed as a learning skill.

Don t you think it time to start thinking northrop frye
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