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But if the social website marketing aspect of the plan suddenly becomes extremely successful, then it is an emergent strategy that needs to be addressed.

The corporate management is involved in strategic management; they set the goals and objectives of the firm, stipulate the business culture of the organization, leadership style, agree on the business motives and define the stakeholders of the business.

The approach follows an incremental process reviewing the patterns of the Emergent corporate strategy essay and learning from combined experiences from many sources.

A tradition that identified a city was born. The Prescriptive and Emergent Approaches to Strategic Management The Prescriptive and Emergent Approaches to Strategic Management 1 January Management Various definitions, approaches and theories have been put forward by scholars to explain strategic management, all looking at the process of strategy at different angles, from two approaches, the emergent and the Prescriptive approaches, trying to propose superiority on either approaches.

Unexpected Benefit Emergent strategy can be designed to address problems, but it can also be Emergent corporate strategy essay to capitalize on unexpected marketing benefits. For example, using social websites to enhance a marketing plan can be a part of a comprehensive marketing program.

The unexpected benefit was the creation of the Buffalo wing. Changes in the present situation of the market environment is its context, and it follows the process of identifying the problem, proposing strategic plans, picking a suitable plan which will be continued based of success or failure of the plan.

The prescriptive approach is based on long term management, has a quick over view of the company making managers plan ahead, it plans ahead, allows for market leading, reduces risks and prepares for setbacks which allows the firm to react quickly to the changes it has planned for.

The disadvantage to emergent strategy is the inability of some companies to plan properly for it and the damage it can do to the organizational structure.

Emergent strategy can sometimes be misinterpreted as a lack of structure. Prescriptive approach uses market intelligence, classified objectives, well chosen enemy in this case a dynamic environment, to create an attack strategy and innovates the strategy to predict and cushion the effects of the changes in its business environment.

Bad Planning Emergent strategy does not happen by accident. It takes into account the organisations position for the future using SWOT analysis, strategic planning, environmental scanning and scenario playing. While the prescriptive is rigid, uses old thinking, analysis rather than synthesis, the approach may create wrong strategies which are slow to revert, it has no short term plan, the anticipated environmental change are really not predictable, seeks to influence change rather than react to them and office politics may lead to wrong choice of strategic plan.

Some scholars like Porter even advocate other alternative to strategic management. The emergent seeks new competitive advantages, creates aggressive competing and cooperative strategies to move with change. Singapore airlines, Spiller foods and Google are firms that engaged in prescriptive approach, unforeseen environmental activities like Sept.

Advantage & Disadvantage of Emergent Strategy

Strategy may be distinguished in content what is involvedprocess how it is done and context where it is done: The approach also borrows theories from economists like Adam Smith in suggesting that the rationality of man and profit maximization were capable by management.

The emergent dynamics has two approaches, nature and intensity of industry competition. Kenneth Andrews explains corporate strategy as the pattern of decisions in a company that determines and reveals its objective, purpose or goal, produces the principal policies and plans to achieve those goals, and defines the range of business to be pursued….

A good example of an emergent strategy that had an unexpected benefit was the creation of Buffalo wings. The company attempts to employ emergent strategy to capture product developments that could help it become a technological leader in its industry.

Emergent strategy is the process of identifying unexpected outcomes from the execution of corporate strategy and then learning to integrate those unexpected outcomes into future corporate plans. When companies refine and develop their products, they look for new features to offer that allow their products to stand out from the competition.

Product Development Emergent strategy is critical in the advancement of the technology being offered in the marketplace. As with any corporate planning method, emergent strategy has its advantages and disadvantages. Emergent strategy is something that a company should keep an eye on, but the original strategic plan is what should be used as a blueprint for success.

It identifies the purpose of the organization and plans to achieve them. Methods of approach may differ, but the end result for any firm should be same, to satisfy its stakeholders.

The emergent strategy was finding a use for the chicken parts that the Anchor Bar was paying for but would otherwise throw out. It is a top-to-bottom management process.

Tangents In the business world, the term "putting out fires" is associated with the task of addressing unexpected issues that can cause problems for a company. The whole framework of strategy management is integrating corporate objectives with management activities supported by efficient operation functions to achieve effective organizational growth and development at all times especially in these present tough turbulent economy.

To use emergent strategy properly, there needs to be a strong strategic plan in place with a focused goal and accountability for results. One of the advantages of latching on to an emergent strategy is that it could be something that your company has discovered before the competition does.

There are two schools of thought on how strategic management can be developed, the emergent and prescriptive approach, anchored by the works of Michael Porter prescriptive and Henry Mintzberg emergent. The prescriptive involves planning for the future using available resources and analysis of the business environment to achieve corporate objectives.

The essence of strategic management is to address the over-all long term directions of the company, using SWOT analysis to create the appropriate strategy to cushion changes in the future of the business. A corporate strategic plan should allow for the emergence of potential benefits that were never anticipated.

It was something no other restaurant had done, and it helped to make the Anchor Bar successful. The truth is that, there is no best approaches just a management effort to seek out the best way for survival in this changing and dynamic business world and now in this period of economic turbulence.The Prescriptive and Emergent Approaches to Strategic Management; The Prescriptive and Emergent Approaches to Strategic Management.

1 January Management; Kenneth Andrews () explains corporate strategy as the pattern of decisions in a company that determines and reveals its objective, purpose or goal, produces the principal. Emergent strategy is a set of actions, or behavior, consistent over time, “a realized pattern [that] was not expressly intended” in the original planning of the strategy.

When a deliberate strategy is realized, the result matches the intended course of action. The processes of emergent strategy development. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Corporate management as interface between shareholders and business level managers. If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then please click on the link below to request removal.

Put simply, strategy can be described as a given set or course of action(s) adopted by a person or an organization towards the achievement of Deliberate vs. Emergent Business Strategy. Lynch () suggests that emergent strategy’s final objective is unclear and its elements are developed during its course of life and it emerges according to human needs and wants.

Literature reveals (Lynch, ) that people issues, a major aspect, make the corporate strategy a complex process which should be emerged with changing scenarios. Even the best-laid plans can sometimes produce unexpected results.

Emergent strategy is the process of identifying unexpected outcomes from the execution of corporate strategy and then learning to.

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