Factors affecting the employability of mapeh

Another explanation is the weak educational foundation of many graduates, especially in basic communication skills, English proficiency and so on.

As mentioned earlier, as of it employed close toagents Ofreneo et al. However, they have emphasized on several areas that need improvement, such as advanced writing skills, ability to use of e-mail and internet facilities, decision making and analytical skills.

The careers and counseling services guide the student in personal educational and vocational area of activity. Author identified four main parties in his model who are involving in this process as employers, candidates graduatesstate government and Institutions university Author presented this four parties situation as Graduates do not have the required competencies, knowledge, skills and experience.

Factors affecting employability

It has been suggested that existing undergraduate program are not producing graduates who possess the kind of professional and lifelong learning skills that they need to be successful in their careers Syjuco,cited in UNESCO,in general, the respondents had a high regard for their universities, curriculum and pedagogy regardless of whether they were employed or not.

Foreign Literature According to DEREK some difficulties of the graduates encountered in entering the world of employment are attributed to the nature of degrees. The quality of faculty was rated as being above average 40percent and excellent 23 percent.

Local Studies De Guzman and De Castroin a world where knowledge is a critical element for nations to prosper and compete, primacy is placed on the quality and relevance of education and how it can ensure that graduates have the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values that industries need. A survey by the Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics showed that between January and June13, candidates applied for 1, nursing vacancies in selected establishments outside the usual range of employment.

Employers usually list honesty or good character as an essential personal quality, followed by ability to relate to and get along with others. Graduates who leave the sanctuary of the academe desire to find the best employment out there in the job market. Findings reveal that the trainers were highly satisfied with the punctuality, responsibility, commitment and attitudes towards work of their trainees.

Inequality in the distribution of earnings and income is generally positively related to the inequality of education and other training to take a final example, unemployment tends to be strongly related usually inverse to education. It seems that many years of schooling, no longer ensure that students will get good jobs but that statistically speaking lack of good education ensures that they will not get good jobs.

Results of this study show that except for disciplines that require licensing examinations, graduates of a Philippine comprehensive university have an impressive lead time and enjoy regular employment status.

De la Harpe et al. A study by De Guzman, have painted a portrait of the employment and employability profile of a selected group of graduates in the Philippine comprehensive university.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Also college students, career counselors and schools should provide and develop a program to equip graduate such needed skills and information to be able to compete in entering the work industry.

Many employed graduates perceived the relevance of their courses to be the key factor in getting a job.

Factors Affecting the Employability of Mapeh Majors by the Year 2009-2012 Essay Sample

Graduates having responsibility to choose and engage with the employability development opportunities provided by HEIs and they also can use their extracurricular experiences to enhance these skills.

A study by Blaskolooked at the pattern of possession of five key skills among graduates from seven countries. It needs tens of thousands more employees who can fill up the new call centre seats being established and replace those who are quitting the industry roughly 50 per cent turnover rate.

Graduates who are recommended by someone and with strong passion for the profession immediately find employment. The study therefore concluded that the factors such as school, communication skills, human relations and personality have no significant difference in terms of sex, length of job hunting and mode of application in factors affecting employability of BSE-MAPEH graduates in University of Rizal System Angono A.

Also they were fairly satisfied with oral and written communication skills and decision making abilities. According to DAVID SAXON former President of the University of California, more student are finishing High School, College and even post graduate work only to find that the jobs are available that at their training and education statistics from Canada shows that college graduates earn almost twice as much the average a people who have only completed Secondary School.

Baluyuthe stated that the industry linkage is very important for schools to help their graduates be employed.Factors Influencing the Acquisition of Employability Skills by Students of Selected Technical Secondary School in Malaysia Jovinia Danial, Ab Rahim Bakar1 & Shamsiah Mohamed1 1 Faculty of Educational Studies, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia.

This Research entitled “FACTORS AFFECTING MATHEMATICS PERFORMANCE OF LABORATORY HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS AT LAGUNA STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY A.Y ” prepared and submitted by JENNILYN F. BALBALOSA in partial fulfillment of the show more content Statement of the Problem Research. A Study on Factors Affecting Employability Skills of Management Students Rajanibala J.

Shah To find the factors of employability for management students. There is a significant relationship between age and factors affecting employability. FACTORS AFFECTING THE EMPLOYABILITY OF BSE-MAPEH GRADUATES IN UNIVERSITY OF RIZAL SYSTEM-ANGONO ACADEMIC YEAR An Undergraduate Thesis Presented to the.

The Subject of the Study was the factors affecting the employability of BSE-MAPEH graduate students of University of Rizal System-Angono A.Y.

In choosing the respondents the researcher used the questionnaire. DESTINY Magazine - A study of graduate interns reveals four factors that influence the employability of youngsters trying to gain entry into the world of work.

Factors affecting the employability of mapeh
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