Fin 534 practice quizes

Question 10 Which of the following could explain why a business might choose to operate as a corporation rather than as a sole proprietorship or a partnership? Answer Corporations are at a disadvantage relative to partnerships because they have to file more reports to state and federal agencies, including the Securities and Exchange Administration, even if they are not publicly owned.

A major disadvantage of a partnership relative to a corporation as a form of business organization is the high cost and practical difficulty of its formation. At the reunion your brother gave you a check for the stock and you gave your brother the stock certificates.

Question 12 Which of the following factors would be most likely to lead to an increase in interest rates in the economy? This is an example of a money market transaction. At the reunion your brother gave you a check for the stock and you gave your brother the stock certificates. She will be the sole owner, and she has enough funds to finance the operation.

Question 13 You recently sold shares of your new company, XYZ Corporation, to your brother at a family reunion. This is an example of: This is an example of a direct transfer of capital.

The business will have a relatively high degree of risk, and it is expected that the firm will incur losses for the first few years. Which of the following statements best describes this transaction? Question 8 With which of the following statements would most people in business agree?

This is an example of: One financial institution buysshares of IBM stock from another institution. Which of the legal forms of business organization would probably best suit her needs?

Answer This is an example of an exchange of physical assets. Question 11 You recently sold to your brother shares of Disney stock, and the transfer was made through a broker, and the trade occurred on the NYSE. This is an example of a derivatives market transaction.

However, the prospects for growth and positive future income look good, and Jane plans to have the firm pay out all of its income as dividends to her once it is well established. You buy shares of IBM stock from your brother.

Question 15 Jane Doe, who has substantial personal wealth and income, is considering the possibility of starting a new business in the chemical waste management field.

This is an example of a primary market transaction. A fast-growth company would be more likely to set up as a partnership for its business organization than would a slow-growth company. Partnerships have difficulty attracting capital in part because of their unlimited liability, the lack of impermanence of the organization, and difficulty in transferring ownership.

IBM issues 2, shares of new stock and sells them to the public through an investment banker. An investment banker arranges the transaction. The trade is not made through a broker--you just give him cash and he gives you the stock.Read this essay on Fin Quiz 1.

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2. FIN Quiz 1. Question 1. Which of the following statements is CORRECT? Question 2. Which of the following statements is CORRECT? Question 3. Which of the following statements is CORRECT?

Question 1 Which of the following statements is correct? Answer One advantage of dividend reinvestment plans is that they enable investors to avoid paying taxes on the dividends they receive. Current: Fin Quiz 2 Fin Quiz 2. Fin Homework Chapter 2 Fin Week 4 Quiz 5 Answers.

FIN Quiz 4 Question 1 Assume that in recent years both expected inflation and the market risk premium (rM− rRF) have declined. Assume also that all stocks have positive betas. Fin / Final Exam Part 2 Latest 1 Which Of The Following Is Not Normally Regarded Being A Barrier To Hostile Takeovers $ A+ Fin Week 1 Discussion Question

Fin 534 practice quizes
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