How is the alternative to the

No other wood of my experience would have survived such a trial. Alternative species will eventually become more acceptable as standard species go the way of Brazilian rosewood. This wood is not for the fainthearted luthier or musician.

Paduak dust smells sweet, but will give you a surprising case of red snot. Jeff Huss found a small supply of this Filipino mahogany at a bluegrass jam and has been searching for more ever since. Sycamore splits readily, and the infested wood makes wild looking instruments.

The sides were like rubber.

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This is the best evidence I can offer that the sound of an instrument is in the hands of the maker, not in the wood. I had it milled up, and for a while I had sycamore lumber up the wazoo, with enough quartered stock for a boatload of instruments.

Walnut even smells like perfume to me. Honduras rosewood is extremely hard and brittle.

Rosewood, mahogany and maple have served us well for centurieswe know what to expect of them, and our customers have already come to accept them as trustworthy and will pay for them. Due to the flatsawing and the massive amounts of end grain, fancy sapele has almost no tap tone tap tones are a farce, too.

Quartered American sycamore is cherished as a cabinetwood in Europe, where it is called plane lacewood, but it gets no respect for anything in America.

Most mahogany is plain, yet pleasing to look at. I also want my personal instruments to be as unique as possible, regardless of how others may judge them, and alternative wood is an easy way to produce a singular appearance.

All in all, this is not a good wood for beginners. A lacquer job might go faster if filler was used. Its pores are small and do not feed filling. For more information on the Guild of American Luthiers, visit their website at http: My favorite dulcimer also had a body completely made of paduak, even the top, and I regret the day I finally sold it.

Straight-grained mahogany can be predictably bent into a tight cutaway without breaking. Zebrawood is another tropical species that may unexpectedly break when bent due to unnoticed cross-grain fractures.

The wood is soft enough that a tree can be ripped up for resawing with a chain saw, a task that would be unbearable with oak or walnut. Commercial value should not be confused with functional value, but it must be considered if you want to sell instruments.

In working properties, cherry strikes me as a reddish version of plain maple with a tangy smell thrown in. Why use it then? Ziricote has become my favorite fingerboard wood when no fancy inlays are anticipated.


This wood is the exception that proves the rule that the wood species contributes very little to the tone of an instrument. Brazilian can be so squirrelly that an occasional side may have to be discarded, since trying to sand out the ripples would leave the wood paper thin. The brownish-purple color is close enough to rosewood to look familiar.

If and when guitars become more efficient, we may find that various woods will offer guitarists a wider tone palette. Guitars sound like guitars. The concept of tonewood is a hoax. Ash stains well and a contrasting pore filler added interest.

Also called white walnut, butternut is softer and less likely to be figured than black walnut. Contrary to some slanderers, paduak seems to stay red if lacquered soon after sanding, though an oil finish will quickly turn to a dingy brown.Cialis for sale! 20mg, 10mg, 5mg tablets available today.

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How is the alternative to the
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