Impact of recession on reliance industries

The result will be increased fear among employees and mistrust of management. Indian manufacturing sector has no less been affected by economic downturn.

It must be remembered that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Exports are showing the signs of flagging, customers have started canceling orders and payments are not made on time.

But historically, slowdown in developed economy has affected emerging economy like India in two fronts: As per the estimate of ILO, the global unemployment could rise up to millions in This leads to a decreased demand for goods and services, which in turn leads to a decrease in production, lay-offs and a sharp rise in unemployment.

Bonuses are significantly frozen. And a much-needed rewriting of workplace practices is under way at India Inc. Though neither a single bank failed in our country nor any manufacturing units have been closed down due to the effect of slow down of the demand yet economic growth of our country has slowed down.

As per ILO, 23 millions of people are expected to loose their jobs in Asia. Unsurprisingly, public sector employees are more confident about the security of their jobs than those in the private sector. The unfortunate reality is that many companies will go under because of failure to motivate, empower, and acknowledge their employees.

The Era of Pink Slip: Management Decision, 37 7 Many stimulus packages are being announced by multicultural organizations to salvage economic slowdown, but, how far it will save us, the time will speak. At every level from the unskilled contract workers to architect, jobs are being cut.

Impact of Recession and Its Effects on HRM Essay

Even though the road towards the tunnel may not be devoid of roadblocks, nevertheless, a little bit of optimism can make all the difference. They are more in demand in job market and the destinies of the companies are very much dependant on these people than any other resources.

Indian Management, Dec They were lured with enviable pay packages and other benefits such as opening of cafeterias, gyms and even creches to retain them and discourage attrition.

Our role is to rid out the storm. Facing absenteeism increases, productivity drops, and the loss of top talent to competitors, what can companies do during a recession with limited resources?

Investors spend less as they fear stock values are likely to fall and thus stock markets fall on negative sentiment. Secondly, the financial linkage it has with India may take a severe turn because of prolonged recession.

The balance of power in the workplace has surely shifted away from employees back to the employers. There is a dire need to fill the gaps in the industries.

There has been the return on variable pay which the financial service sector has been increasingly using. All these cut being practiced across companies of the world have its percussion on HRM. Impact of Recession in Developed Countries: Job cut is the most difficult and perhaps the most critical but inevitable among the frugality measures taken by companies across the world, particularly in India.

In the beginning, the mandrians of Indian Economy were skeptical and unwilling to accept the effect of recession on Indian economy. Slumps have also affected manufacturing sector, which is the second largest employer and heavy commercial vehicles are also in the same boat.

However, nearly one in five employees thinks their jobs are at risk. In many cases, companies have trimmed production by reducing the number of working days to three to five days a week.

News of recession will have a negative impact on employee morale. More Essay Examples on Recession Rubric A recession normally takes place when consumers loose confidence in the growth of the economy and spend less.

We must learn to live with global downswings and rid out the storm. Companies across the globe have also tightened their belt by resorting to budgetary cuts. Even 15 out of 20 AIG companies have frozen compensation levels and increment.

Over and above, there is also dearth of quality personnel in the job market. Disheartened employees mean disengaged employees. Salaries have been slashed.

Relatively slow economic activities, threats of job cuts and salary freezes have shifted the balance of power at the workplace back to employers. In the current economic climate if a business is to survive, the work force must be fully engaged-emotionally, physically, even spiritually. We can not end the storm on our own; we must patiently wait for it to subside.Impact of Recession and Its Effects on HRM Impact of Recession in Developed Countries: More than half of the world’s economy has shrunken and among them USA- the citadel of capitalism and free market has suffered the worst.

Reliance Industries Ltd. has launched “Mission Kurukshetra” to optimize costs across all its major. economic crisis, the lodging industry faces significant challenges as both business and consumers cut back on travel expenditures.

The vulnerability of the lodging industry to economic downturns is often reflected in the high business failure rate in recessions.

For. A study conducted by Costa () suggests that one of the highly affected industries by the global recession in the UK was retail industry as a result of huge declines in sales, particularly, in. HONOLULU -- Hawaii is facing its worst recession since becoming a state 50 years ago, dragged down by its reliance on a single industry.

As much as a third of Hawaii's economy is driven by tourism, say state finance experts, and a recent state report showed that from January to June, spending from visitors who arrived by air dropped 15% to $ billion from a year earlier.

A Study on Financial Performance o f Reliance Industries Limited. R. Ramanan.

MBA, School of Management, SASTRA University, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, INDIA due to recession in European countries and affected the exports of the company.

Then These result in inverse impact of. Recession Impact on Retails Retail sales fell off a cliff in September, plunging by the largest amount in three years as worried consumers shunned the malls and auto showrooms in the midst of the country's financial meltdown.

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Impact of recession on reliance industries
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