Internnational negotiations reflective essay

The next point is to research further the appropriate literature to gain new informations and develop my knowledge. In such a case, my mentor supported me and helped me by asking additional question that lead me to the right way.

The module conducted on negotiation explained negotiation as a decision making or problem solving process that involved two or more parties who are in a state of conflict with each other, because of opposing interests, concerns, values, beliefs, emotions, etc.

As a result, I stopped in seeking for more value as I did not want to have one more matinee as a source of negotiation or to jeopardize the conditions of my actor and crew. We use negotiations to achieve our goals, realize our expectations, work out a compromise or simply avoid trouble with others.

This essay also enabled me to connect theory and practice. But I also tried to be a nice person, so I mentioned at the beginning of the negotiation that I preferred that all three of us all get the funding.

Com Our team approached this negotiation case in a very efficient way. However, after this course I realized that I can be risk-seeking and I want to take a risk in some moment, but it is very ifficult to negotiate with a person with opposite opinion, especially when you are in one team.

The team had to correct the informations contained in it. Then I started to think what mistake I did during this case.

Reflective Essay

By doing this, we quickly got consensus on most of the issues and figured out there were some issues we had the same goal. Initially the task seemed straightforward, as I assumed I would be able to draw on my professional experience and implement those techniques in the class. At the same time, I also realized that the negotiation partners are not always having the conflict interests during the negotiation.

According to Whyte et al. Yet, I think both partners could have aggressively asked for more information about the benefits of the autograph show, even if I was fairly reserved about opening up information due to my communicating strategy.

Seller, General Sales Manager I played the role of seller, or general sales manager for POP Productions and had mainly four objectives in the preparation phase of the negotiation: Having a perspective of a professional strengthens concepts and encourages learning, furthermore, normal negotiations usually involves a certain amount of verbal communication.

Gibbs model of reflection given me the chance to explore my thoughts and feelings, analyse the situation and draw conclusion for the future. Thus we quickly built up a model and provided several options to our counterparts with different terms but same net value of the final bargaining agreement to our team.

In this case, we talked about the big impact of cancer and AIDS drug research to the entire world. The final stage of Gibbs model of reflection is action plan.

If I had not given my opinion on the patients care, they could not benefit from the MDT as much as they did. In the end this could have been a source of distributing strategy to create more value for their own party.

Internnational Negotiations Reflective Essay

If I find myself in this type of situation again I would be more confident in discussing about the patients and their needs. It is the major disadvantages of the MDT.

But he mentioned that since his company needed the funding least, and it mainly produced basic products, he believed it would be more meaningful if Turbo and United get the funding.Read this free Business Coursework and other term papers, research papers and book reports.

Negotiation Reflection Paper. Un Hyung Lee (이운형) Negotiation BUSS Negotiation Reflection Paper 2 Negotiation: Oceania Role: Seller, General Sales Manager I played /5(1).

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Internnational Negotiations Reflective Essay Final Reflective Essay To begin with, I would like to say that the course of International Negotiations was very important for me. It lasted only two weeks but this time was enough to understand many things, to have good lessons and real negotiations that changed my life.

Negotiation Skills for Business Professionals Reflection Paper This course has enlightened me as to many of the mechanisms involved in negotiations and professional relationships. Reflective Essay on Negotiation Negotiation occurs on a regular basis in a daily life and individuals negotiate in business occasions or outside of the workplace.

Having superior negotiation skills is conductive to the success in personal life and career development. Reflective Essay Since the beginning of time, mankind’s greatest thinkers have come across the idea of creating and maintaining the perfect society.

What is the ideal society? What is the ideal society?

Internnational negotiations reflective essay
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