Is pakistan a failed state essay

The excesses of the militants in Swat, their refusal to honor a controversial peace deal, a video revealing their beating a young woman and their subsequent public rejections of the Constitution and democracy hardened public opinion toward them.

However, the two perceptions advocating religion and religious nationalism to be the ideological pillars of Pakistan failed to realize a fundamental contradiction in their approach. Finland is currently the most stable and sustainable country in the list.

While the quantitative approach lacks transparency concerning its indicators and their balancing in the evaluation process of countries, the qualitative approach shows a diversity of different foci. But it is also notable that the three other countries have not been listed in the ranks that can be considered failed states.

Failed states impose negative externalities on the rest of the international system, like refugees who are displaced by war.

By Iftikhar Tariq Khanzada. This would only apply to a country where absolutely no basic functions of the state were working, and non-state actors were carrying out such tasks. So, Pakistan faces severe challenges. Here one should not forget the fact that Pakistan was created as a result of a mass movement led by a political party.

The draconian Hudood Laws were a part and parcel of his regime.

Pakistan & India

It is a well-known fact that you can do anything you like in this failed state of Pakistan but never meddle with Pakistan army. The answer can be found in its people, who hold the country together. While the military takes the blame for this, civilian institutions always legitimize the coups.

While both are close in size when comparing Muslim populations, India is known as a secular nation, and Pakistan as a Muslim state. However, the challenges to the state can be very different depending on the type of armed conflict, and whether it encompasses the country as a whole and large territories, or is specifically focused around one regional area.

Methodology To achieve the purpose, different books and articles about failed states and the countries in focus have been studied. Another major mistake that he committed during his rule was the declaration of emergency inwhich finally led to his ouster amidst popular protests.

The disintegration of Pakistan in raised a fundamental questions: Rampant inflation, unemployment, the daily deepening energy crises, unchecked corruption and the alarming deteriorating law and order situation have made Pakistan, a favorite recruiting ground plus a safe haven for terrorists from all over the world.

In the elections held inSharif became the prime minister for the third time. Though, a few efforts were made but the constitutions before could not come up to the expectations of the masses and were in time abrogated. Fourth, Pakistan continues to build its infrastructure.

He suggests that "it is the model of statehood based on territorially sovereign, extensive central government that has failed much of the world, and the frontier areas of the former European empires in particular.

These countries adopted the following techniques which led to undermine it: Furthermore, the United States had no major problem with neighbours and the foremost priority of successive governments which came to power in America since July 4, emphasized on the rule of law and building a uniform educational system.

Notable researchers, inter alia, are Robert I. Coming back to nationalism, it is a sense of loyalty towards a nation which is shared by people having a common past, cultural or religious heritage. He further added the four major characteristics of the Palestinian Authority — chaos, internal strife, lawlessness, and corruption.

Pakistan: A Failed State

Those jurists who uphold their commitment to the Constitution are booted out and replaced with compliant judicial lackeys. It was the first freely elected government in the history of this failed state that completed its constitutionally mandated 5-years term.

Feelings of oneness, unity and common ground in a country are not created overnight but are generated as a result of a process. In Pakistani nationalism, the focus will not be on Islam which is the actual basis of the existence of the country but on the unity of various lingual and ethnic groups, and religious nationalism can be the only source of uniting the people of Pakistan.

Now it would be interesting to see whether he can complete his 5-years term in office or is ousted in another military coup. In these states, the challenge is not only to pressure authoritarian state leaders to surrender power but rather to figure out how to regenerate legitimate power in the first place.

Military India and Pakistan have been in a dispute, which is well known around the globe. Hans Kohn defines nationalism as: For me, such words bring to mind another strong and resilient society — one that endures constant afflictions, tragedies, and privation.

It is also important for state development in that the increased revenue would not return to its original level even after the end of wars.Dec 29,  · Pakistan isn't a failed state because: 1) It has successfully established it writ all over the country despite difficulties and challenges.

2) Democracy has returned to Pakistan; the judiciary has been strengthened; and decisions are made in a legimate, democratic manner. The myth of Pakistani nationalism.

Dr Moonis nationalism to be the ideological pillars of Pakistan failed to realize a fundamental contradiction in their approach.

Failed state

We will write a custom essay sample on Failed and Failing States specifically for you for only $ $/page. Order now The text has directly branded Pakistan as a failed state, while it suggests that by that time, Iran has not yet been considered as a failed state.

Failed and Failing States Essay

However, another article published on Dec. 16, stated that Iran. (Haken) Failed states are not only a terrible situation for the country itself, but for its neighboring countries as well. Some situations are worse than others, but for the most part they all share several factors that classify them as failed states.

Pakistan is not a failed state or a successful state its in between,its rating is out of 10,you need a 0 rating to call a state a failed state.

Recommend 0 yahya Khan. I am sure we cannot classify Pakistan a failed state, though few commentators do believe that it is a 'failing state'. Poor economy, poor security, corrupt institutions, it does appear that though nothing works in Pakistan, somehow Pakistan still keeps working as a nationalistic nation.

Is pakistan a failed state essay
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