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They managed to find a fragile balance between their national identity as they put all their knowledge of history and tradition in what they do, with the new challenges created by globalization.

They have to balance between the effort to keep national identity and reflect their origin in their works with the growing pressure created by the globalization and unification. These artists, by the way, are British according to their origin. These peculiarities show the national identity and beauty of the work rather than put the pictures in a range according to the country they were created in.

Such point of view is anesthetic, as non-western arts are as important and significant as the western ones.

Non-Western Political Thought

The invention of the notion of the third space itself is a cultural strategy. If the tendency to globalization develops and becomes more correspondent to its original meaning in contrast to adopting everything to western norms, non-western artists will have more chances Non western paper expressing their identities not like an exaggerated ethnic elements, which make the products more sellable, but will let them to express the depth of their national consciousness.

Every work of art is unique, no standards can limit it. Western countries still know not very much about African and Asian artists who created their works in the year and earlier. Such major changes on the word scene of art give a lot of opportunities for the non-western artists.

We should analyze art not taking into account its continental belonging. People of art, who have always been lucky to live without boundaries inside of them can now enjoy the freedom of physical world. Fumio Nanjo speaks about the third way Japanese and other non-western artists should follow.

July 24, writer Research Papers 0 Introduction Boundaries are swept away in the modern world, which slowly turns into a global village. Europe and North America put their hard requirements to the non-western artists, who want to present their art works in these countries.

The focus of these activities is mainly in the realm of culture, education, and language, leveraging the common ties between Iran and their Afghan audience. The analysis presented shows the affinity node of brotherhood appears in over 20 speeches and statements targeted at the Afghan population by the Iranian supreme leader and successive Iranian presidents in recent decades.

Nye does not consider how the sources of attraction that he identifies are biased towards a Western notion of values, culture, policies and institutions.


Mackay, Hugh, The globalization of culture? The problem arises when the world popular becomes synonym for low-quality and primitive entertainment.

Art, which made people think and feel differently during the centuries uses its unique meaning at the age of globalization. This dissertation argues that there are certain ontological assumptions lying deep within the soft power model first proposed by Joseph Nye that make it difficult to use as a model for studying non-Western states.

Studies of soft power in the current International Relations discipline ignore the implicit widespread liberal democratic bias in the current understanding of the concept.

Non-Western Art Research Paper

You pay nothing at this stage, so why not to try? This has led to a disregard of the use of soft power by non-Western states. Here arises a question: Discourse, Affinity and Attraction: At the same time every work of art shows the peculiarities of its countries and reflects national identity, same as the individual features, added by the author.

They have to choose between the loosing identity by adopting western standards in art and getting the status of second class or arte povera artists, if they refuse. Just a few years ago we knew practically nothing about numerous artists from Africa or Asia nowadays we have a possibility to see their works of art and enjoy them.

The notion of brotherhood provides Iran the emotional linkage, the affinity node, to connect with its Afghan audience. This dissertation is unique as it a delves into the diverse conceptual prescriptions on soft power, especially from a non-Western perspective.

Do you need help with writing your Art research paper? There is another group who use their national belonging as an object of speculation, using national peculiarities in their works as the way to attract admirers of everything exotic.

Race, origin, color of the skin, age, sex and nationality of an artist plays no role any more. Non-western artists have to adopt to western way of life, norms and regulations in order to create works of art, which would be understood by western audience.

New means of communication allow quick interaction among the people from different parts of the world and this gives an opportunity for changes in art. Get the most out of research paper help with EssayLib. Western culture presents the pattern of success and prosperity and non-western people try to follow it.

The countries of the third world, separated by distance and informational barriers before can now make the decent part of the world community. Those, who work in their native countries, find themselves even in more difficult situation.

Digital revolution has changed the face of the world forever.

There are artists who use their background and national identity as the source of inspiration, expressing it in a way, understandable for Western audience.Western Paper is an award-winning provider of cleaning supplies and equipment, food service packaging, laundry and warewash solutions in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas.

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Conference Paper. Keywords. Clothing and dress, western hemisphere. Clothing and dress, non-western hemisphere. Clothing and dress, typology. Appears in collections Dr. Joanne B. Eicher [60] Previously Published Citation.

Western and non-western dress: A re-examination and a proposed. Non-western music is generally passed down from generation to generation through word of mouth.

Notation is not as significant and improvisation is preferred. The voice is an essential instrument as well as various instruments native to that country or region. In non-western music, melody and rhythm.

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