Reaction paper for john q movie

But in reality, a situation like this is seldom to happen. How would be hose who are dying with no money in their pockets? She needs monthly check up or pre-natal check up.

But on the other side, I also understand the side of the police who arrests John Q. And indeed, it was a very difficult challenge for them. In this movie, the most important point discussed about is the importance of health, and the responsibilities of each individual and the government about the pursuance of health awareness.

The lesson in this movie is that all of us should be responsible for everything regarding ourselves, through the different aspects of it. In additional point, the movie also includes atleast three institutions namely;family, health and government.

At last he got what he asked to the authority but sadly, he was imprisoned. They are also those who are in authority, who are making the laws, and this thing they must think about: On the other hand, one crime incident can affect all people in our country.

Lastly,the government is also responsible to fixed this problem because the reputation of their country will may affected.

JOHN Q. (reaction paper)

In general point of view, the movie contains a relevant topic concerning the relationship between the father and son and how does their action affects the other people. It will be a helpful movie for every individual to realized the right way to handle their responsibility even if it is just a light or a heavy one.

Come to think of it. Michael, son of John and Denise, had a heart failure which they never thought of, or somewhat expected. There were several times they panic, cried, felt anger, mix emotions was there.

This challenge almost made the couple drown everything they have. Would they just die without receiving any help from the government? Health plays a very important role in each of us lives.

As a televiewer, I can relate to this movie in a way that i have also my father who did everything for us, to give us a better life, he provides all our needs and did his responsibilities as a father. I just realized that they still have to follow the law because if they give consideration to what John did then some other criminals may wish a consideration for them and if it then happen, the ratings of crime will increase.

It is the stage wherein the development of another human starts. We should be aware of the things that we must know concerning our health. Wherein a father named John Q. It is important for her to know if there are problems in her pregnancy and as early as possible, find ways to solve them, or prevent such occurrence of any.

But in her case, they were shocked about it, not knowing that there is this heart problem They were shocked when they were informed about that problem that their child is encountering by that time.

Let us not consider those crimes happened nowadays because for me, doing crime is their first choice to make a way in order to survive in everyday lives. From pregnancy, our mother should be very careful in carrying us in her womb.

And also, the government, as a governing body to its citizens, must provide its helping hand to those people who are indeed unfortunate through the different useful seminars, programs and free medical mission.John Q Reaction Paper. Reflection paper Of the film “John Q” Student name: Hung Chiu Man Student ID: D After watching “John Q”, I have found a number of sociological concepts that are closely related to the movie and they are illustrated below.

The first concept is social stratification.

John Q and his family is classified as the under. JOHN Q. (reaction paper) Monday, September 22, The movie tackles about something that is very important that awareness is a must!

And this something is simply about HEALTH. Health plays a very important role in each of us lives. son of John and Denise, had a heart failure which they never thought of, or somewhat expected.

Come. Sep 15,  · Reaction Paper Monday, September 15, "John Q" John Q did everything & would do anything to save his son, and he did. Because of desperation he decided to hostage a hospital which is illegal.

in the movie you know that John did'nt know anything about hostaging. And bacause he's a kind person, he cared for all the hostages. Reaction Paper For John Q Movie John Q movie This movie is about John Quincy Archibald (played by Denzel Washington) and his working class family who lived in Chicago.

His son is diagnosed with cardiomegaly and he needs a heart transplant. Sep 16,  · The movie "John Q." is all about the unconditional love of the father to his son.

Wherein a father named John Q. is willing to do everything in order to save the life of his only beloved son. The movie “John Q” deals with the issue of “necessary evil”. John used every other possible option.

we will all experience some type of ethical dilemma sometime in our lives. If the intention of the filmmakers.

Reaction paper for john q movie
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