Required physical education in schools essay

Most of the diseases are flourishing owing to unhealthy eating habits. Physical Education should not be mandatory in schools! The majority points are in favour of promoting sports activities and exercises in the schools, as the present generation is more inclined towards sedentary lifestyle, completely lacking physical activity which leads to various diseases starting from a relatively young age group.

There are many diseases like diabetes, hypertension, Cancer etc. A student inclined towards a particular sport would be interrested to know and gain knowledge regarding that particular game and not all the sports.

Parents also should think once before admitting their child into schools. A research shows that children with physical activities showed- Mental alertness, vital capacity, stress free, good interaction, good academic performance.

Doing yoga on daily basis enables a student to develop utmost concentration by which students can excel in their academics. I personally think that, cause i am a student too. I agree with miss deepa, that it should not be enrolled like Required physical education in schools essay curriculum and performed as leisure activity.

Still we cannot expect students to have an enthusiasm for the same. Students must show interest not only to academics but also to physical education. Students in the school might be crazy for the leisure time in the form of sports period. Physical Education has a positive effect on students because when you get your body moving and exercise you can lose weight, build muscle, and get stronger, better, and faster.

Nothing is better than making physical education a mandatory subject at the time of formative education. Physical education deals with the health benefits by exercising, sporty activities etc and maintaining body fitness by means of diet as well.

Schools and colleges should have adequate facilities for sports, this will go a long way in inculcating the habit of being healthy. We have many subjects that children just study without understanding the importance. Physical education explains the details of every game which provides information regarding the minute details of the various sports.

But we hardly spoke of physical education as a subject which is being under discussion. And even more, in this arena crowded with appliances.

There may also happen other problems like- Physical injuries, wastage of time i. This could give the children the basic essence of physical education without the pressure of exams and they would imbibe things in a light mood.

Physical education is definitely a very good subject to know, understand and follow to some basic extent in life. Educating people about these diseases and their causes, symptoms and prevention will help to check their rampant growth. Now a days many of the schools are not putting enough efforts to provide physical education to students as they just want ranks and marks which they can use as a marketing strategy in getting more admissions.

The rampant spread of these diseases in the urban and poor family is big cause of concern and preventive measures are direly required. That means the physical exercises keeps us stress free. If we make physical education mandatory, it will be one among the herd of rudimentary topics of study that students would definitely study and pass the exams but would hardly retain its benefits.

Finally i would conclude by saying that everything is importantwe should balance our life RE: It has also a great impact on day to day life. Physical Education should be mandatory in schools!

I need that information for an essay. It would be better to impart basic physical education as a leisure activity in the primary classes and then left on the students to opt the same as subject voluntarily in their higher classes.As a result, many parents, teachers, students and other education officials are crying out to save physical education, and make it mandatory in schools across the nation.

Physical Education should not be mandatory in schools!

There are several reasons why physical education is an important part of children’s development. Physical Education Should Be Mandatory in Schools Essay - Over the past decades our culture has changes dramatically.

To which our nation was once a physically active nation. Physical Education would be like lunch for example; however, the students should be able to pick what Physical Education class to take (swimming, walking club, and regular gym are some examples).

Higher education believes physical education is important to student learning but disagrees that college requirements are the best mechanism to provide this instruction?

As I promised in a previous essay, the brain will leave you with more questions than answers. Required Physical Education in Schools Words | 4 Pages.

from the National Association of Sports and Physical Education for Schoolchildren (Rochman). Physical Education Essay. Courses of physical education should be required throughout the high school. Chayan Bhatt COMMF-Sec Sue Baker Proud 25th of September’ Outline Introduction – Thesis statement that includes the issue (topic) and your position on it.

Required physical education in schools essay
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