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Because this runs automatically on your personal computer, it does not take any of your time. The first step is to take an order, which your roommate has figured out how to do quickly and with percent accuracy.

Because the oven holds only one tray, a second dozen takes an additional 10 minutes to bake. The company will provide fresh cookies to starving students late at night.

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In this analysis, we will not consider the issue of setting prices. First, your cookies will be completely fresh. Begin your analysis by developing a process flow diagram of the cookie-making process.

Kristen’s Cookie Company (A1) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

It takes two minutes to pack each dozen and about one minute to accept payment for the order. Your landlord pays for all the electricity. The mixing bowls hold ingredients for up to 3 dozen cookies.

You will not bake any cookies before receiving the order; therefore, the buyer will be getting cookies that are literally hot out of the oven. Before you start, however, you at least want a preliminary plan, with as much as possible specified, so that you can do a careful calculation of how much time you will have to devote to this business each night and how many cookies you can make.

Therefore, answering the following operational questions should help you: Removing the cookies from the oven takes only a negligible amount of time, but it must be done promptly. For example, when you conduct a market survey to determine the likely demand, you will want to specify exactly what your order policies will be.

However, dishing up the cookies onto the tray takes two minutes per tray. The cookies will be ready for pickup at your apartment within an hour.

So total baking time is 10 minutes, during the first minute of which your roommate is busy setting the oven. The first physical production step is to wash out the mixing bowl from the previous batch, add all of the ingredients, and mix them in your food processor.

Your apartment has a small oven that will hold one tray at a time.Kristen's Cookie Company is a good example where the success or failure of the company depends directly on the process planning adopted by the company, i.e., the company can maximize its productivity by utilizing its resources effectively.

Answer to Kristen’s Cookie Company You and your roommate are preparing to start Kristen’s Cookie Company in your on-campus apa %(1).

Kristen’s Cookie Company (A1) Case Solution,Kristen’s Cookie Company (A1) Case Analysis, Kristen’s Cookie Company (A1) Case Study Solution, c. NUMBER OF ELECTRIC MIXERS AND BAKING TRAYS NEEDED As we can see there are one tray, one mixer, and one oven at present; consequently, during proce.

Kristens Cookies Case Solution Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad Dubai Answer to Kristen-s-Cookie-Company-Case-Analysis University of Southern California BUAD - Fall Answer to Kristen-s-Cookie-Company-Case-Analysis. 2 pages. p kristen's cookies Indiana University, Purdue University Indianapolis 97%(36).

Kristen’s Cookie Company Here is the Process Flow Diagram: The whole process throughput time of making a dozen of cookies is 26 minutes. It takes washing, mixing and spooning 8 minutes to make a dozen of cookies.

May 04,  · Solution to Kristen's Cookie Company (A) Before answering specific questions, it is useful to make a diagram of the overall process: Note that in this diagram, activities are arranged in columns to indicate which resources are being used.

Solution to kristen s cookie company
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