Teenage sexuality in brave new world

Chapter 3 As the Director and Mustapha Mond explain to the boys how the World State works in an abstract way, the interspliced scenes of Lenina and Bernard show the society in action. Sex and violence are intricately linked in Brave New World, proving that in order to have passion one must feel the extremes of both pleasure and pain.

Why do the World Controllers include sex at all as a part of daily life? She still does not have the ability to see outside her conditioning, or the sexual context of the World State, and finds John violent and strange.

His discomfort with the commodification of sex marks him as a misfit. For a very long period before the time of Our Ford, and even for some generations afterwards, erotic play between children had been regarded as abnormal there was a roar of laughter ; and not only abnormal, actually immoral no!

What is the function of sex in Brave New World?

Huxley believes that we should all be monogamous, which means to reside on one person for romantic endeavors, especially our younger adults. Chapter 7 Sexuality Sex is no longer a bond between a husband and wife, or a holy gratification that only married couples can enjoy.

He wants her very much. What parents are mosed worried about is pregnancy. Lenina takes the Savage John on a date to a feely, a sensory interactive movie, and, in accordance with what usually happens on dates in the time of the World State, she expects them to have sex.

Chapter 11 Sexuality Bernard is the sole character to protest—almost silently—the way the system works. Chapter 13 Sexuality Chapter 5, Part 1 Sexuality 8: Sex will not destroy us! The constant availability of physical satisfaction evident in the feelies, the abundance of soma, the easy attainment of sex through state sanctioned promiscuity, and the lack of any historical knowledge that might point to an alternate way of life, ensure that the way of life developed and instituted by the World State will not be threatened.

She advises Lenina to be more promiscuous, as a virtuous member of World State should. This culture of constant consumption allows the government to act as a supplier, propelling the economy and creating a happy community dependent on its supplier.

She is therefore an outsider. They laugh as Bernard curses them. In his long speech about the history of the World State, Mustapha Mond blames the previously sacred institutions of family, love, motherhood, and marriage for causing social instability in the old society.

Unlike the males of the World State, who see attractiveness as a precursor to sex, John thinks that he must prove himself worthy to earn her love. The citizen is socialized to only have an allegiance to the State; personal connections of all sorts are discouraged, and even the desire to develop such connections is conditioned away.

Freely acting individuals must constantly weigh the moral value and the moral consequences of their actions.

Before meeting Henry, with whom she has spent a lot of time, Lenina has been with many men, including George Edzel and Benito Hoover.

He tells Lenina that he wants passion, but she just does not understand.

She approaches Bernard in public to show the other people that she is a good citizen of the World State. People are strongly conditioned against the messy intimacy of falling in love. They are really talking about creating a population that will always want more—a captive market created by conditioning that will want whatever goods the World State produces.

Reproduction is purely scientific, and sex is therefore a purely recreational activity in the World State.

Teenage Sexuality in

Citizens are taught to view one another, and themselves, as commodities to be consumed like any other manufactured good.

For this reason, the World State has eliminated all traces of non-State institutions.

Notes on Brave New World Themes

Henry Foster and the Assistant Predestinator possess the typical and sleep-taught World State sexual morality. Children are encouraged to start exploring sex at a young age, such as six or seven, and the old world i. In Brave New World, sex and violence are portrayed as the two extremes of passion.

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Brave New World

Science, Sexuality, and the Novels of Huxley and Houellebecq In his book, Our Posthuman Future, Francis Fukuyama tries to rehabilitate the notion of history that he had considered void thirteen years ago.

Brave New World Topic Tracking: Sexuality. Chapter 1. Sexuality 1: The novel begins with a lengthy description of the test-tube process of reproduction.

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BRAVE NEW WORLD Sexuality in Brave New World Promiscuity is the law and emotional attachments are illegal Children play erotic games in the hatchery and conditioning centre.

For them it is normal that children do such things and have fun doing them.

Teenage sexuality in brave new world
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