Where does the book the report card take place

It is this reason that leads Nora to draw a very smart conclusion: He gets an assortment of As and Bs, including a B minus in English. She stays home the next day, pretending to be sick, but gives up her ploy when she discovers that Stephen has started a campaign for all students to rebel by scoring zeros on their next tests.

I hope that Clements writes a book on how ridiculously competitive parents are when it comes to sports.

What Is the Theme of the Book

Where does the story Lord of the Rings take place? Because most of the people on Himmel Street are struggling for money, Rosa Hubermann loses her washing jobs, including the one for Ilsa Hermann. The story is supposed to take place in the future.

Is it a good goal for kids in general? She decides to flunk fifth grade. Nora is secretly a genius but does not tell anyone for fear that she will be thought of as "different". I learned a lot about life by playing in the neighborhood with my friends.

The entire section is 2, words. All the kids that are 10 yrs and older are so involved with school, church activities and super leagues that rarely can anyone my oldest son knows, play.

She thought they would get used to the idea that she was a cat and leave her alone. He was said to be a good friend, but forgets about her when some of his other friends come by. Todd, who is in eighth grade, reads his grades next.

As a young man, he remonstrated with passersby in public,demonstrating to them the falsehood of their idols; and ourtradition tells how he was threatened and endangered by Nimrod. Write a paragraph or short story about how you met one of your best friends.

What happens if you get especially good or bad grades? Todd is the average-yet-likeable guy. She decided to copy a different kid every day until she figured out how to become the average of all of them. This is whatis meant by his "calling out in the name of the Lord" Genesisch.

I would love to see this place. He tells her stories and plays his accordion, and at one home they even share a glass of champagne with the residents.

The Book Thief

She knows it will only get worse unless she helps. He is said to get low grades and show little concern. Discuss the plan with a parent, teacher, or community leader. Include details about your ages, the place of your meeting, how you were feeling before you became friends, and how you feel about the friendship today.

The Report Card Summary

Make a chart depicting the way the administration of your school is organized, starting with your principal, school board, and parent-teacher organization. Her story became a tragedy by Euripides.

Should intelligence be measured at all?

Never-Ending Book Quiz

How does this affect your behavior? Ann 6 years older and Todd 3 years older. Activities and Research 1. The story is set in an imaginary time and place, in a kingdom whose king is "semi-barbaric. They both have nightmares, they both are fist-fighters, and they both have lost their families.

Where did Medea's story take place?

The summer of is primarily a happy time for Liesel. The setting bears many similarities to the Coliseum in Rome, which was the scene of elaborate and bloody gladiatorial games for centuries.

I have found his stories to be humorous and thought provoking. It also gets me on my soap box for a minute.The Report Card is a children's novel by Andrew Clements, first published in The story is narrated by a 5th-grade girl, Nora Rose Rowley. Nora is secretly a genius but does not tell anyone for fear that she will be thought of as "different".Publisher: Aladdin Paperbacks.

The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) is the only assessment that measures what U.S. students know and can do in various subjects across the nation, states, and in some urban districts.

Also known as The Nation’s Report Card, NAEP has provided important information about how. A Reading Group Guide to The Report Card By Andrew Clements About the Book Fifth-grader Nora Rose Rowley has been keeping an unusual secret for most of her mi-centre.comed on: January 01, The Report Card, a novel by Andrew Clements (), deals with the issues of grades, testing, and achievement in school.

The main character, Nora, calls the system into question in a way that. May 24,  · How to Write a Book Report. Writing a book report may not seem fun at first, but it gives you a great chance to really understand a work and its author.

Your plot summary should mention any major events that take place in the book and how they impact the characters. This portion of your report should appear akin to a detailed 80%(97). The book The Report Card was an okay book. It was an okay book because when I got it I thought it was going to about someone getting bad grades all the time.

This book takes place at Nora's school and her house/5.

Where does the book the report card take place
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