Write a sentence using the word justify problem

Negotiations could only bring the conflict a little nearer, delay it a little longer, or supply an opportunity to either side to justify its action in the eyes of the world.

How to Adjust Justification So the Last Sentences in Paragraphs Left Justify in Microsoft Word

I also see the pace of problem solving—and change in general—accelerating at an astonishing rate. The Dalai Lama has said that waging war for the cause of freedom can sometimes be justified.

This is exactly the kind of problem geneticists can sink their teeth into, so to speak, to make the protein in this grain digestible. Step Click the "Home" tab. And was written to justify this kings invasion of France.

I think he is totally justified in quitting his job; they were really underpaying him. In the light of that truth, a reformed intuitionalism might justify itself.

Or, if you want to apply these settings to the whole document, press "Ctrl" and "A" on your keyboard. If I suggest her leaving a problem in arithmetic until the next day, she answers, "I think it will make my mind stronger to do it now. Search engines have done a fabulous job tackling this problem, even given the vast, vast, amounts of information added to the Internet every day.

Alex continued to be preoccupied with his problem - whatever it was. First, I would contend that the size of this problem is substantially smaller than many people would guess. They named their town by anticipation, Our Lady of the Victory Victoria ; but it cost them some hard fighting with the Goagnazes to justify the title.

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This seemed to satisfy the official, who was obviously embarrassed over the entire debacle and infinitely relieved that at least half their problem was solved without any accusatory newspaper headlines. Some of the complaints against the companies, however, were exaggerated, and the estimates formed of the possible commercial development of telegraphy were optimistic.

The character and order of these historical notices of incense would certainly, were there nothing else to be considered, justify the conclusion hitherto generally adopted, that its use was wholly unknown in the worship of the Christian Church before the 5th century.

Justification in a sentence

In the middle ages they were cited to justify the claim of the papacy to be the supreme court of appeal. A problem arises because of the strong correlation between standard of living and energy consumption. Marsilius of Padua also composed a treatise De translations imperii romani, which is merely a rearrangement of a work of Landolfo Colonna, De jurisdictione imperatoris in causa matrimoniali, intended to prove the exclusive jurisdiction of the emperor in matrimonial affairs, or rather, to justify the intervention of Louis of Bavaria, who, in the interests of his policy, had just annulled the marriage of the son of the king of Bohemia and the countess of Tirol.

Whatever the problem was, it remained in his mind alone. No crime justifies this kind of torture of a prisoner. The problem was how they were both reacting to the situation.

So the problem must be that we have stretched the planet past its ability to feed its inhabitants, right?Sentence for justify | Use justify in a sentence A sentence for the word justify.

Justify in a sentence

Journalists, word game players, and those who would like to gain additional insight into the meaning of. How to use justify in a sentence. Example sentences with the word justify. justify example sentences. To me, this makes the problem of hunger that much sadder in the present—to realize that the planet has enough food, just not enough generosity.

Here are fantastic examples of sentences and phrases with the word "justify". Sentences with the word: Synonyms.


Antonyms Some players do write and try to justify their dirty deeds, The number of policies waiting for problems to justify their existence is enormous. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. Examples of how to use the word justify in a sentence.

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Write a sentence using the word justify problem
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